Meralco Appliance Calculator

Meralco Appliance Calculator

Want to manage your electric bill easily? With Meralco AppCal, you will know the operating cost of each of your home appliances and how much it contributes to your monthly electric bill.

Launch the Meralco Appliance Calculator (Meralco AppCal). Just choose the device that you are currently using to access the Meralco AppCal.

You need to click on the "Agree" button in order to use the Meralco AppCal.

You can now access the Meralco AppCal anytime and anywhere even without internet connection. Install the Meralco AppCal on your mobile devices!

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Meralco AppCal is also available in the Apple App Store.

Also try My Bill Manager to know the estimated energy cost contribution of your appliances to your total household energy cost. It also provides energy efficiency tips for appliances with the largest contributions to your monthly electric bill.

Helpful tips in using the Meralco AppCal

To compute for appliances not found or listed

Click on the appliance category. For the "Type of Appliance", select "Others" at the bottom of the list. For "Wattage", type in the wattage rating found in the operator’s manual or on the body of the appliance (usually in watts or w). Note: Select the GENERAL APPLIANCES category if you are not sure of the appliance category.

To compute using specific wattages

Change the default wattage that appears after selecting the type of appliance by typing in the specific wattage in the "Wattage" field. To view the basis for computing the estimated electricity consumption of home appliances for the Meralco Appliance Calculator, click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Meralco AppCal computation is based on Meralco residential electricity rates which are being updated on a monthly basis. This computation is an estimate based on assumed data. The computation results of the Meralco AppCal may slightly vary from the actual consumption reflected in the Meralco customer’s monthly electric bill and therefore, the Meralco AppCal computation results should not be used in any way for billing purposes, complaints, claims, or suits against Meralco, its officers, employees, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers and other partners. The Meralco AppCal should not be used by any person to estimate electric consumption of appliances and/or equipment used for non-residential or business or commercial purposes.