Compute the electricity consumption of your appliances to better manage your electric bills. Use the link to find out how.
Welcome to the Meralco Appliance Calculator (Meralco AppCal), my electricity budget buddy!
My Appliance Calculator allows you to know the estimated cost of operating your individual home appliances My Bill Manager allows you to know the estimated energy cost contribution of your home appliances to your total household energy cost

Helpful tips in using the Meralco AppCal

To compute for appliances not found or listed
Click on the appliance category. For the "Type of Appliance", select "Others" at the bottom of the list. For "Wattage", type in the wattage rating found in the operator's manual or on the body of the appliance (usually in watts or w). Note: Select the GENERAL APPLIANCES category if you are not sure of the appliance category.

To compute using specific wattages
Change the default wattage that appears after selecting the type of appliance by typing in the specific wattage in the "Wattage" field.